Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vintage Finds!!!

We finally made it out of the house today in all the winter wonder we have had! We couldn't wait to get outta here! lol. We've been averaging a day out and about every two weeks....and today's venture took a bit longer than expected as it took us along with a couple of neighbors to get the car un~stuck! But, we did it....and went for a nice lunch to celebrate our 1oooth etsy sale! yippee! then, to further celebrate, we hit our favorite thrift store where we found many vintage wonders for our shop. sooooooo.....over the course of the next couple of weeks, you can expect some fabulous finds in the little apothecary.....along with supplies and destash, and maybe a tad more vintage over in our sister store.... ophleliasarmoire so so exciting to have lots of newness!

sorry, no pics for today. unless you would like some puppy love....maybe a pic of the baby! she's not at all spoiled. not one bit!

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