Friday, October 19, 2012

What a Gorgeous Day!

Fall is having it's way with my allergies...that's for sure. I was so sad to miss out on the day by being down with a migraine.... but, in an effort to salvage the day, i spent a couple hours this evening doing resting work. what exactly is resting work? it's's work that i can do from a lounging, or semi~lounging I spent the evening scanning vintage postcards and creating digital collage sheets for our VintagePress shop over at storenvy. i've neglected it, mainly because we needed to unpack and find all of our postcards and such, and also because i had many other priorities with the .com, that i just sorta put this on the back~burner. like this blog, i am recommitting to posting and remaining active with the storenvy shop between now and christmas. i have TONS of Christmas items to scan and really wanted to fine~tune the process and get my feet wet,, with a couple of be warned...Christmas is Coming! I also updated the storefront and made it a little more cohesive with the other shop.... and a little less spring~like... i'm definitely liking the looks of the .com, blog, and storenvy all looking like they belong together! other than that...tomorrow i am working back in the studio again {if a migraine doesn't land on my head!} and helping with my mom's antique sale.... hope your weekend is beautiful! blessings, ophelia

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Season's Change

{photo from our drive to Springfield yesterday} one of my all time favorite things about fall, my favorite season, is of course, the beautiful fall colors. i loooooooooooooooove the crisp fall air, the beautiful leaves, the smells in the air. ....then comes the allergies and all the dry skin from the air dropping in temperature.... lol. i spent today pouring lip balms, blending our new jewel~tone eyeshadows {that will be available soon in a grab bag promotion!}, and pouring body balms...because, let's face it, it's only going to get cooler and now is the time to stock up on scrubs and body balms! oooooh, we also jarred about 20 body we are stocked up on moisturizers!
hopefully you are planning ways to have a fabulous fall weekend this weekend, wherever you are! hugs and blessings, ophelia

Saturday, October 13, 2012

All Hallow's Eve....

after several requests...we decided to bring back these lovely little halloween treats.... our signature lip balm in caramel apple, pumpkin cheesecake, vanilla, and buttercream in cute little jars to hand out to your trickers or treaters! these are hand~stamped with a sweet little spider~web and spider.... and have a hang~tag attached with black, orange, or purple ribbons! only 16 sets to go around, as we didn't really have time to make now is the time to snatch up a lot! sweet sweet little handouts for this halloween's special little ghosts and gouls!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My, O, My.....

my my my... how time has flown! so...yeah. so much has happened in the last several months. here is the abridged version. we worked hard, opened a brick and mortar shop, closed the etsy shop, opened our stand~alone .com, closed the brick and mortar shop, moved to a home and now we are just focusing on our stand alone .com. health~wise, we are both doing swell.... we have had the typical ups and downs and are still truckin' right along. i picked up knitting again, like i do every winter, for my 'hobby' during my 'time off' moments.... currently working on a pretty cowl to the blog will likely get posts about my knitting projects. our home has enough space for a huge that's nice to be able to work from home again. ....and, i'm currently working on setting up a guest bedroom/sewing room/art room in our spare bedroom. i will post before and after pics when i get it finished! you can find our stand~alone site at! hopefully, i will be better about blogging... my problems with it are that i forget my password and then just give up on trying to reset it {very old email address that hasn't been used since '07}. anyway....peace be still.... i'm off to work on a project or two! loves, ophelia


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