Saturday, February 6, 2010

Studio Updates for 2010!

with the new year came new changes for our studio! we spent most of the month between orders, working on getting our studio set up to be effective AND a beautiful place to work each day! so...we set out to take over the dining room.....we have several tables, a rolling 'wrap' desk, a huge picture window....and most of all~plenty of room! We have a smaller room off to the right of this where we have shelves and selves full of bottles, lids, packing boxes, envelopes, wrapping paper....and lets not forget...ribbons!

we, we had to do something to spruce up our lovely {translates to ugly} we decoupaged wooden letters in a pretty black and ivory damask. {we actually do have a photo tutorial for those of you not decoupage~inclined sometime in the near future!}

we find it very important in high volume times, to stay incredibly helps so much in keeping inventory straight and it helps with supply ordering~not to mention, getting the orders scooted out the door!

and, this fabulous closet between the dinning room and kitchen....well, this is where all the magic happens! we found a fabulous kitchen island to store all of our bulk ingredients under, and it sits just to the left of this closet....

this closet holds all of our fabulous oils! it really is probably my favorite place in the whole house....a great mix of form and function! perfect little nook to get lost blending fragrant oils!

hope you have enjoyed a look into the apothecary! we definitely enjoy sharing it with you, and feel its important for you to see where your products come from! blessings, ophelia


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