Friday, June 3, 2011

turning over a new leaf!

hello loves! i know, i know...... this blog was abandoned long ago....and i keep making promises to start blogging again, and don't follow through. so, in an effort to try something new! i've am giving myself the 21 day challenge. it takes 21 days to make a habit, so let's check in 21 days from now and see just how consistent i've been!

i do have some news to share..... our standalone .com site is filled and up and running! you can find a link over to the right with our fabulous bluebird soaps..... the link will take you directly to our shop! we will be continuously updating it with new things as we add to our etsy shop. maybe, one day, eventually, we will get moved over entirely! that's our goal anyway! so, you can help with that, by stopping over there and bookmarking it! when you start to run out of your favorite apothecary goodies, please go check over there, and try ordering from our secure online's just as easy peasy as etsy!

secondly.... we have our second feature on coming up tomorrow! i'm super excited for all the new friends we will meet and all the new addicts we will create! so so much fun meeting new peeps that love buying handmade treats!

and, thirdly! we have started creating antibacterial hand gels and soaps on the go! perfect for all these summer activities and weekend get~aways! get your's now by visiting our shop! we have tons of fragrances for you to grab for all the summer picnics and shopping trips!

and finally, we are wanting to open the door for all of you wonderful friends and customers, to help us keep the blog going. do you love one of our products? are you a bath and body junkie? yes....... fabulous! we are looking for guest bloggers to submit articles for our blog. tells us about your experiences, favorite products, favorite ophelia's gifts, anything, really.... we would love to hear from you! email us your article ideas and we will schedule your stories to publish! don't be shy! contact us by leaving a message or post here, and we will get in touch with you to contribute...... {who knows, there might even be a fun rewards system to help get you going!}

right.....tomorrow is a big day in the apothecary! don't forget to head over to heartsy to snap up a VIP deal! xoxo, ophelia


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