Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Creating your Bathing Routine

Bathing has been around since the beginning of time.... and believe it or not, bathing was the social networking of ancient times. people would gather, not only to bathe, but to socialize and close business dealings, and to network.... all at the local bath house. the romans and greeks had the right idea.... exercise, massage, bathe, dip into a hot spring water fall or fountain, rinse with a cold spring.... they dedicated time to a relaxing bathing experience. now..... i know some of you are saying 'i don't have time to dedicate to my bath' but, i assure you, if you carved out time, routinely, to spend on your very own bath ritual.... the benefits would far outweigh losing that extra thirty minutes you cut from somewhere else in your schedule. .... i'm not telling y'all to find an old~fashion bath house..... though, if you are close to hot springs or eureka springs, arkansas, they have some fabulous bath houses that are perfect for learning how to take the best bath of your life!

However basic or extensive your current routine, there are several things you can do, to make your bathing experience better! if you are a quickie~shower~in~the~morning type of girl..... the next time you take a shower, think of ways throughout your process that you can elaborate on, without really 'costing' you anything more.
little indulgences that will give you more bang for the bling::
~grab an essential oil and drop a couple drops of oil into a cloth and take into the shower with you. allow the steam to work with the essential oil to give you an aroma~therapeutic shower. if you shower in the morning, pick something like grapefruit, rosemary, peppermint, or ginger for a jump start to your day or lavender, chamomile, rose, or sandalwood for a shower at night.
~find a fluffy bathrobe to use after your shower..... eco~peeps, please don't flog me..... but, in the winter months, i like to warm up my robe in the dryer while i brew the coffee or grab my bowl of cereal. then, i roll it up very tightly, and wrap it in my bath towel to stay warm. when i get out of the shower, i have a nice warm robe to snuggle up in.
~instead of the telly or early morning rush hour news on the radio....tune into some more balancing, natural tunes. something that resonates with you to really start your day off right

and, if you are a bath junkie like me..... you are probably more in~tune with a bathing ritual like mine. I love a good bubble bath. my bath routine starts with that warm robe.... then i find some tunes {sometimes its chill music, sometimes a little sarah mclachlan, other times michael buble}, and tea lights. PLENTY of tea lights. my favorite candle holders for a bubble bath are the ones that hold multiple tea lights. tea lights are perfect because they are affordable, burn just long enough, and with the affordability factor, you can afford to have any size candle glow you like!

~draw the perfect temperature bath..... one too hot can actually get your blood pressure up, which isn't good if you are intending to relax! and one alittle on the cooler side will actually be energizing..... you need one 'just right'....
~if i'm needing a good exfoliation, i grab my favorite body scrub and buff away.

once done, whether shower or bath, now is the best time to moisturize....the skin is ready to accept a moisturizer, and it works with the humidity of the bathroom to sink in. remember, if you are moisturizing during this time, you actually need less lotion or body cream, so start off with a little. it's always easier to grab more, if needed, then trying to massage in too much!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Welcome to the First.....

...of many Make~Up Mondays!

ok. so we have had our new make~up listings up for less than 48 hours and we've already sold 6 pieces! i'm so so so excited to share our mineral make~up with our customer~friends! i am having so much fun shopping for ingredients and then mixing and blending away in our studio with all the fun new colors! LOVE.IT. So, on mondays i will be blogging about our newest listings, doing reviews of brushes i come across {i already have a fabulous brush set to show you all next week!}, and maybe even some surprise guest spots for other handmade make~up reviews. for today's bloggity goodness, i want to tell you about our new lip gloss!

Really, it was just a matter~of~time after playing in the lip tints, for us to go one step further and fine~tune a recipe for equally delish lip glosses! We started out with the same formula as our lip tints, added more shea butter, a bit of jojoba oil, some sweet almond oil, and then castor oil for fabulous shine. The glosses never leave your lips sticky....and when the gloss fades the color stays!

And, true to our nature, we have picked a delicious flavor for each of the colors! there's red hot red with the fabulously spicy flavor of red hots, rich garnet flavored with pomegranate, champagne flavored with frosted raspberries....oh the list goes on! Feel free to stop by the shop and check out all the new things! blessings, ophelia

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

......and happy holidays! we had originally planned to go to visit family today....but, with the icy road conditions, and a car that is still acting wonky, we decided it best to stay home. while i am sad about not seeing the family, i'm happy to be spending it at home with the fur~babies and taking a break from the studio! We are enjoying reflecting back over the last year, and thinking about all the 'presents' we were given and are thankful for. We are pretty content with all we have been given this year..... we had over 4000 sales this year on etsy, a candle feature in an international home decor magazine/ezine, lots of wholesale accounts, many customers turned friends, a fun trip to LA to see one of the brick and mortars that carry ophelia's and getting to meet dear online friends, getting an early christmas present wii to have a bit of fun and friendly competition with each other after long days at the studio, new friends, and moving the business from our home and getting our house BACK! oh, i did forget one MAJOR thing, our health and happiness! we are so so thankful for everything this year has given us and so happy to get to continue doing what we love! Thank you to all of you who believe in us, support us, love us, and to those who make us laugh and smile.....you all rock! Hope your holidays are bright and beautiful.....love, ophelia

Friday, December 24, 2010

We Made It!

wow.....our first real christmas on etsy......whew! let me be the first to tell you, it was crazy! leading into the holiday rush, we were fortunate enough to have several big features. this started the craziness the first couple of weeks of november....and it didn't let up until just this last monday! so, with our extra time on our hands this week, we have been resting, and spending quality time with the fur~babies. We also had our first home~cooked meal since before my trip to LA in October! We are so very thankful to all our holiday shoppers and customers who have made this last year wonderful! This downtime has lead us into thinking about what our goals are for the next year.....and of course, we want it to be even more fabulous than this last year! ......so, it's time to put some goals into place!

and these are in no specific order, just things i have on my mind going into the new year!

~get organized. the seasonal frenzy around the christmas holiday was only exacerbated by the fact that we moved into our new production studio and business office the very first week of november. we NEVER would have survived this holiday if we had not moved. but, with that timing came obstacles of having no time to get things exactly how we wanted them in the new space. so, we are going to be spending some time getting everything just right to be more productive in the new year. One of our biggest organizational projects is getting the labels back under control! i know that many people don't think about the time it takes and the organizational task our labels require, but, it's a monster that could easily be a full~time job for someone! we have thousands of labels to design, cut out, and organize on a regular basis, and i plan on utilizing some of the quieter times to tackle this big mess we call 'the labels' we have cabinets like the one shown here, but, as our product line grows with the addition of mineral make~up, we will likely be adding more. you can find this wonderful cabinet at UnexpectedParTie on etsy!

~mineral make~up expansion! ok, funny story. i've been playing around in mineral make~up for awhile. and, really, just hesitating about making the leap. not out of fear of it not being successful, but more out of not wanting to commit to it yet, when we were trying to also focus on getting existing orders fulfilled, managing the move to the studio, and trying to get our turnaround times looking better....which THAT is a whole other goal we will talk about later! recently, though, we went to the ONE and only holiday function i could commit myself to, in this crazy season, and because i didn't have my 'color' of foundation on hand, i grabbed a foundation from a local drugstore. fifteen minutes into the function, my partner says 'your face is green! why is your jaw green?!?!' well, most of you know that i'm on a million medications, and one of them can cause major jaw problems resulting in serious infections. so, within 20 minutes time, as my jaw is turning more green by the minute, a gathering of about 6 people have all determined that i simply MUST get to my doctor's office straight away. all of this stress caused perspiration, to which i dabbed at with a paper towel. my green face was now coming off on the towel. yep. my chemistry, which is so delicate to body care and make~up, was now reacting with the so~called all~natural mineral makeup from physicians formula that i picked up so conveniently at CVS. moral of this story, only use OUR tried and true stuff, then my face won't turn green! We've already started listing our new hand~blended minerals in the shop, with many more colors coming soon!

and finally, but certainly not the last goal for the new year, but probably our most important and urgent goal, is focusing on turn~around time. this last season, we were behind most of the time, and we are so thankful to all of you who patiently waited! we are going to focus on fine~tuning our processes so that we can deliver the same fabulous quality, in less time! {you can find this fabulous clock at LucyandEllen on etsy}

add to these goals, two additional 'little' tasks....phbbbblt {insert raspberry here}, i am promising to TRY to keep up the blog better, and updates via our mailing~list.....i know. this is always part of my new year's resolutions, and, since we all know resolutions are made to be broken, i'm NOT putting them on the resolution list this year. nope! instead, they are flat out added to the goals for the first quarter. remember, it takes 21 days to make a habit....or so Mr. Harris, my high school science teacher said, so, you may get sick of all the blogging, networking, and overall shameless promotion, but, if i don't get started, it can't become a habit!

so, here's to a fabulous beginning in 2011....both personally and professionally, and i look forward to creating many more wonderful treats for us all to be pampered with in the new year! blessings, love, and light, ophelia

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Updated October Shipping Schedule!

We are slowly getting back into the swing of things after the trip to California last week! Ophelia came back a bit worse for the wear....with a cold of some~sorts and we are hoping it doesn't turn into something worse!

The following will be the shipping schedule for the next few weeks..... we will be moving into our new production office the week of november 1st....so please know that we are doing everything we can to get things shipped asap!

October 21st~all orders through October 10th
October 23rd~all orders through October 13th
October 25th~all orders through October 15th
October 28th~all orders through October 19th
November 1st~all orders through October 24th

remember, if you aren't on our mailing list, now is a good time to sign up so you can receive email updates and special promotions via your email~box! Ophelia's Apothecary Email list!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ophelia's Armoire....

ophelia's armoire is getting ready for it's debut....and have we had fun preparing! for the first time ever in 'ophelia's' history, we had a photo shoot with our new spokesmodel! her name is rian and she is incredibly talented, fabulously beautiful, and absolutely hysterical to work with! we are so happy to have her on our team and know that this partnership is going to be wonderful! so without further adieu, let me introduce you to miss rian! you can find her on twitter at missopheliagirl to see what she is up to!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alice in Wonderland...

we believe that we have captured the darkly romantic story in an artisan crafted perfume oil! It's a deeply intoxicating blend of black tea, sandalwood, vanilla, narcissus, and tea rose. you can check it out at our etsy shop

also, check out our saturday night specials by checking out this link

have a fabulous weekend...blessings, ophelia

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Studio Updates for 2010!

with the new year came new changes for our studio! we spent most of the month between orders, working on getting our studio set up to be effective AND a beautiful place to work each day! so...we set out to take over the dining room.....we have several tables, a rolling 'wrap' desk, a huge picture window....and most of all~plenty of room! We have a smaller room off to the right of this where we have shelves and selves full of bottles, lids, packing boxes, envelopes, wrapping paper....and lets not forget...ribbons!

we rent...so, we had to do something to spruce up our lovely {translates to ugly} walls....so we decoupaged wooden letters in a pretty black and ivory damask. {we actually do have a photo tutorial for those of you not decoupage~inclined sometime in the near future!}

we find it very important in high volume times, to stay incredibly organized....it helps so much in keeping inventory straight and it helps with supply ordering~not to mention, getting the orders scooted out the door!

and, this fabulous closet between the dinning room and kitchen....well, this is where all the magic happens! we found a fabulous kitchen island to store all of our bulk ingredients under, and it sits just to the left of this closet....

this closet holds all of our fabulous oils! it really is probably my favorite place in the whole house....a great mix of form and function! perfect little nook to get lost blending fragrant oils!

hope you have enjoyed a look into the apothecary! we definitely enjoy sharing it with you, and feel its important for you to see where your products come from! blessings, ophelia

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vintage Finds!!!

We finally made it out of the house today in all the winter wonder we have had! We couldn't wait to get outta here! lol. We've been averaging a day out and about every two weeks....and today's venture took a bit longer than expected as it took us along with a couple of neighbors to get the car un~stuck! But, we did it....and went for a nice lunch to celebrate our 1oooth etsy sale! yippee! then, to further celebrate, we hit our favorite thrift store where we found many vintage wonders for our shop. sooooooo.....over the course of the next couple of weeks, you can expect some fabulous finds in the little apothecary.....along with supplies and destash, and maybe a tad more vintage over in our sister store.... ophleliasarmoire so so exciting to have lots of newness!

sorry, no pics for today. unless you would like some puppy love....maybe a pic of the baby! she's not at all spoiled. not one bit!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

That which we call a rose,By any other name would smell as sweet

hello lovelies! So, today's blogpost is all about how we got our name. it's sortof a long story....but, i'm sure you will find some of it rather entertaining! When i was young, about 5 years old, my parents gave me the barbie perfume maker....and thank goodness for google, i found a pic for you! Now, this really was the beginning of crafty little me! how it worked, you put the perfume bottle into the yellow tulip in the middle, then placed a little fragrance stick...those are the heart and round shaped things on each side, into the notches on the tulip. then, there is a little button that you would press that would cause the tulip to rotate back and fourth, thus mixing the fragrance into the 'fragrance blending solution'....ok...i made that part up. it was blended into water! I would then take a huge funnel i snagged from my mother's kitchen, and funnel it into her previously full avon bottles. i say previously, because i dumped them down the bathroom sink. i'm sure the fumes i inhaled in that little project were just one notch this side of toxic! anyway....i then took my newest fragrances and sold them at recess at school.

this didn't go over well. but, as you can see, it never deterred my pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors. years later, in highschool we read Hamlet. oh how i was in love with Shakespeare! I was even more entranced by his lovely character 'ophelia' and it was even more cool that she had her own little apothecary!

so, fast forward another 20 years.....and here we are. i recently described our little apothecary in an exchange with a client~friend....and i would like to share this vision with all of you! ...'in my head, 'ophelia's apothecary' is in a small, coastal town....with white washed walls, and beautiful herbs hanging from the rafters drying. the cobalt blue bottles line the walls, and a little bell over the door rings to announce your entry. its a simple little store...but, its filled with love of all things nurturing and balancing.'

we hope you enjoy our little apothecary as much as we do!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Lip Tints in shop NOW!!!

Hello my pretties! we have taken a bit of a blogging reprieve for the last *ehem*....week. but, we haven't been totally hybernating! we did some baking, some movie watching, some laundry....and we rested. we have also been working on the destash stuffs for our other shop. so, today starts a new week, and with the new week, we have new products! yay!

Our buttercreme lip balms have quite the following, and we've been getting many requests to offer lip tints. well, now we have them, and we will be adding more colors soon. *translates to....when we can make it out of our snow and ice packed driveway to get more tint....i might just have to resort to shopping online. ~ now there is a whole 'nother vice of mine we have yet to address!

Anyway, the lip tints are an all vegan blend of oils and yumminess. they have vanilla icing flavor...not quite the decadent buttercreme, but we will be switching over to the buttercreme with the next batch! our supplier of all natural, vegan lip oils is having a hard time keeping up with the buttercreme demand! lol. to check out these lovely little lip tints click here


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