Sunday, June 15, 2014

Trying to Regain my footing..... much has happened this spring! We have been spending the last few weeks just coming out of the tailspin and trying to regain our footing. Traction, in life, is so important. When life throws you off, most usually it's about one or two things that have concocted a mess to make your head spin. This spring, it has been about one thing after another and everything getting progressively stronger in it's ability to break the spirit. We are getting back on track. Slowly but surely. We do see a light at the end of the tunnel and we just have to remain strong and diligent and keep focusing on the light. In an effort to cut every single expense that we could, we no longer have phone, internet, and cable at home. This has turned into days and nights of camping out at starbucks to mooch our connection to the world wide web. It also has made our home nice and peaceful.....without technology, it makes our interactions more authentic and things like a redbox 'movie night' are considered a treat and are for special occasions or date night. We have also shut down our website. Now, I know that this will worry some of you. We are not leaving. We will stay strong and committed to getting your orders to you, as we can. Instead of spending $70 for our website and domain every month, we have added a shopping cart to our website. We will not have the wide range of products we once had. I need to scale back to an amount that is easier to maintain and I just can't do that with so many options. We have been blessed to have a few extremely patient customers and I am so thankful for that kindness during this exceptionally hard time. We have also been blessed with a friend who let's me use internet several hours a week. {you know who you are!}.
Finally, today is Father's Day. I lost my father when I was 20.....20 short years ago. He was everything to me and had a heart of gold. I like to think that I possess all of his great attributes. His caring heart, his artistic expressions, his blue eyes, his compassion, his love of animals, his strength, his courage, his ability to make others smile, his hope, his kindness, his ability to know no stranger...the list could go on for miles. A hug from him, or him reaching out to hold your hand when you were scared, always made me feel safe and special. I hope others feel that from me. Hope you all have a great father's day. I'm heading home to work in the studio. Much to do, Much to do!


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