Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Creating your Bathing Routine

Bathing has been around since the beginning of time.... and believe it or not, bathing was the social networking of ancient times. people would gather, not only to bathe, but to socialize and close business dealings, and to network.... all at the local bath house. the romans and greeks had the right idea.... exercise, massage, bathe, dip into a hot spring water fall or fountain, rinse with a cold spring.... they dedicated time to a relaxing bathing experience. now..... i know some of you are saying 'i don't have time to dedicate to my bath' but, i assure you, if you carved out time, routinely, to spend on your very own bath ritual.... the benefits would far outweigh losing that extra thirty minutes you cut from somewhere else in your schedule. .... i'm not telling y'all to find an old~fashion bath house..... though, if you are close to hot springs or eureka springs, arkansas, they have some fabulous bath houses that are perfect for learning how to take the best bath of your life!

However basic or extensive your current routine, there are several things you can do, to make your bathing experience better! if you are a quickie~shower~in~the~morning type of girl..... the next time you take a shower, think of ways throughout your process that you can elaborate on, without really 'costing' you anything more.
little indulgences that will give you more bang for the bling::
~grab an essential oil and drop a couple drops of oil into a cloth and take into the shower with you. allow the steam to work with the essential oil to give you an aroma~therapeutic shower. if you shower in the morning, pick something like grapefruit, rosemary, peppermint, or ginger for a jump start to your day or lavender, chamomile, rose, or sandalwood for a shower at night.
~find a fluffy bathrobe to use after your shower..... eco~peeps, please don't flog me..... but, in the winter months, i like to warm up my robe in the dryer while i brew the coffee or grab my bowl of cereal. then, i roll it up very tightly, and wrap it in my bath towel to stay warm. when i get out of the shower, i have a nice warm robe to snuggle up in.
~instead of the telly or early morning rush hour news on the radio....tune into some more balancing, natural tunes. something that resonates with you to really start your day off right

and, if you are a bath junkie like me..... you are probably more in~tune with a bathing ritual like mine. I love a good bubble bath. my bath routine starts with that warm robe.... then i find some tunes {sometimes its chill music, sometimes a little sarah mclachlan, other times michael buble}, and tea lights. PLENTY of tea lights. my favorite candle holders for a bubble bath are the ones that hold multiple tea lights. tea lights are perfect because they are affordable, burn just long enough, and with the affordability factor, you can afford to have any size candle glow you like!

~draw the perfect temperature bath..... one too hot can actually get your blood pressure up, which isn't good if you are intending to relax! and one alittle on the cooler side will actually be energizing..... you need one 'just right'....
~if i'm needing a good exfoliation, i grab my favorite body scrub and buff away.

once done, whether shower or bath, now is the best time to moisturize....the skin is ready to accept a moisturizer, and it works with the humidity of the bathroom to sink in. remember, if you are moisturizing during this time, you actually need less lotion or body cream, so start off with a little. it's always easier to grab more, if needed, then trying to massage in too much!

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