Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

......and happy holidays! we had originally planned to go to visit family today....but, with the icy road conditions, and a car that is still acting wonky, we decided it best to stay home. while i am sad about not seeing the family, i'm happy to be spending it at home with the fur~babies and taking a break from the studio! We are enjoying reflecting back over the last year, and thinking about all the 'presents' we were given and are thankful for. We are pretty content with all we have been given this year..... we had over 4000 sales this year on etsy, a candle feature in an international home decor magazine/ezine, lots of wholesale accounts, many customers turned friends, a fun trip to LA to see one of the brick and mortars that carry ophelia's and getting to meet dear online friends, getting an early christmas present wii to have a bit of fun and friendly competition with each other after long days at the studio, new friends, and moving the business from our home and getting our house BACK! oh, i did forget one MAJOR thing, our health and happiness! we are so so thankful for everything this year has given us and so happy to get to continue doing what we love! Thank you to all of you who believe in us, support us, love us, and to those who make us laugh and all rock! Hope your holidays are bright and, ophelia

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