Monday, February 13, 2012

kickstarter is a no......

well. i have some good news and some bad news. the bad news is that our idea and concept wasn't accepted by kickstarter. the good news is, we still have two months {as we will get a better deal on the lease if we sign prior to the season beginning} to work really hard to try to facilitate starting the shop on our own. hopefully, by the time April rolls around, 'our place' will still be available. i'm trying not to be super sad about it. but. everything happens for a reason, and i'm sure there is a good one that i'm just not seeing at the moment. .... of course, my knee jerk reaction is to do a heartsy~like deal again. but, while that would give us much needed capital, i swore i would never do it again. so, that is not an option no matter how much i want this shop. big hugs all around..... o

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