Friday, February 17, 2012

So Much Work, So Little Time!

hello loves! so. kickstarter was a no and i was super discouraged for getting turned down and had to spend an afternoon feeling bad about it, and then i got up, dusted of my knees and started plotting new ways to make it work. those of you who know me personally, know i never stay down for long! we found a new website, much like kickstarter, called indiegogo. i LOVE indiegogo! so, we started a capital campaign and it can be found here.
additionally, we started making final decisions about fixtures and got them on order. the only details on fixtures left to worry with are 1}ordering the sink and installing, and 2}finishing out the cashwrap with logo.

i can't wait for the day that i'm posting pics of the finished shop!...and, i'm loving journaling the process along the way! so. that's it for today... i will soon be posting updates to the campaign with the map of the salesfloor as well as planograms with where the products will go. as one of our family members said on the phone today....'it really sounds like you are serious' um. yeah. i think it's goodnight lovelies! ~o

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