Thursday, October 11, 2012

My, O, My.....

my my my... how time has flown! so...yeah. so much has happened in the last several months. here is the abridged version. we worked hard, opened a brick and mortar shop, closed the etsy shop, opened our stand~alone .com, closed the brick and mortar shop, moved to a home and now we are just focusing on our stand alone .com. health~wise, we are both doing swell.... we have had the typical ups and downs and are still truckin' right along. i picked up knitting again, like i do every winter, for my 'hobby' during my 'time off' moments.... currently working on a pretty cowl to the blog will likely get posts about my knitting projects. our home has enough space for a huge that's nice to be able to work from home again. ....and, i'm currently working on setting up a guest bedroom/sewing room/art room in our spare bedroom. i will post before and after pics when i get it finished! you can find our stand~alone site at! hopefully, i will be better about blogging... my problems with it are that i forget my password and then just give up on trying to reset it {very old email address that hasn't been used since '07}. anyway....peace be still.... i'm off to work on a project or two! loves, ophelia

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