Friday, October 19, 2012

What a Gorgeous Day!

Fall is having it's way with my allergies...that's for sure. I was so sad to miss out on the day by being down with a migraine.... but, in an effort to salvage the day, i spent a couple hours this evening doing resting work. what exactly is resting work? it's's work that i can do from a lounging, or semi~lounging I spent the evening scanning vintage postcards and creating digital collage sheets for our VintagePress shop over at storenvy. i've neglected it, mainly because we needed to unpack and find all of our postcards and such, and also because i had many other priorities with the .com, that i just sorta put this on the back~burner. like this blog, i am recommitting to posting and remaining active with the storenvy shop between now and christmas. i have TONS of Christmas items to scan and really wanted to fine~tune the process and get my feet wet,, with a couple of be warned...Christmas is Coming! I also updated the storefront and made it a little more cohesive with the other shop.... and a little less spring~like... i'm definitely liking the looks of the .com, blog, and storenvy all looking like they belong together! other than that...tomorrow i am working back in the studio again {if a migraine doesn't land on my head!} and helping with my mom's antique sale.... hope your weekend is beautiful! blessings, ophelia

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