Friday, December 25, 2009

So Much Going on In the Apothecary!!!

Wow, the holidays are over! The Apothecary has been alive with deliveries, and shipping, and us just trying to keep up with the demand! As 2009 is ending, we are really trying to take time to sit down and prepare a game plan for 2010. We have so many ideas we want to bring to you, our loyal followers and friends.....and to the friends we will be making in the new year.

Some things to be on the lookout for in the new year....a new website off, many new fragrances, more saturday night specials, lots of free samples in your packages, an email newsletter, and taking our show on the road....just to name a few.

Season's Greetings and loves and hugs!

1 comment:

jubilantwares said...

I have tried the butter creme lipbalm and the perfume samplers and they are heavenly!!!! I was stingy to give away the lip balms I bought it as gifts. my 7 year old daughter has one of these lip balms she keeps with her saying it's magical as according to her it helped her give a presentation at school. I will definitely go shopping tonight!!!


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