Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sweeet Swap 2009! How Fun!

We belong to a super group on etsy called 'bittersweeets daily challenge'....and the whole idea of the group, is to create and list something new each day. The group is going on about two years now, and just filled with lots of talented artists!

This holiday season, we decided to do a Sweeet Swap where we each had a secret friend to gift to...our sweeet swaper was Kim from ChloeandMaddy and kimbrowndesigns

We met in the forums several months ago, and formed such a friendship! She is incredibly talented! This Cherry Blossom Tree has been in our faves for months! you can imagine the squeal of excitement when it arrived in my sweeet swap box of prezzies!...along with an awesome pin cushion for my pin cushion collection, some of my fave white chocolate truffles, a fabulous print of a pink sofa to go with my pink chair, and some great notecards. Just wonderful additions to my handmade office!

So so blessed for our etsy friends and family! Thank you so much Kim for making this such a memorable Holiday!


jubilantwares said...

That sure is a beautiful gift!!!you both are very talented and good people!!! said...

So lovely. I just adore the painting of the cherry blossoms and Kim too!

Kim said...

Thank you for the lovely shout out! You are such a special person and I was thrilled to have you as a sweeet swapee!! beautiful website and wonderful products too!


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