Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday, happy Sunday!

hello lovelies! as promised, another blog post and pictures of what~we~are~referring~to, as 'our place' we actually didn't get to spend that much time yesterday taking photos. not as much time as i would have liked, but we were on our way to visit with family, so we vowed to go back and spend more time there today! this first pic is of our sweet sweet picket fence! While we were outside milling about, the workers called in the property management for us to have a chit~chat. this particular neighborhood is all owned by the same group, and the little shop we want is actually situated right behind the beautiful and historic Branson Hotel. We asked a few pertinent questions and, because it was a bit cold out {february, go figure! the one day we want to hang out outside in the sun, it's actually chilly!}, we went across to the hotel to talk, exchange info, and tell them about Ophelia's Apothecary. The area between the hotel and 'our place', we were told, is where there will be farmers' markets on the weekends and in the evenings, turned into a little local hangout with live music and art. The hotel is a.....m.....a.....z....i...n....g. really. i can't say enough about it, and while the website does give you a good idea of the time and attention to detail these peeps have, it still isn't quite the same as seeing it in person! We shared our vision of the shop and tried to communicate our passion for what we do. hopefully it came through! then, we were on our way....

now, today, after having barely had any sleep because of thinking about it and planning, and drawing sketches.... we decided to return to get a few more photos.

this photo is inside from the back wall looking toward the front {and a great shot of heather!} this is the view from where our sink will be located. i find it so so so very important to have a sink on the sales floor for customers to try out scrubs and to encourage them to try new products for their bathing routine!

this photo is taken of the inside down the east wall of the shop. i would like to situate the cashwrap in between the first window {out of view here on the right}, and this second window further down the wall, facing west so that it will be open with full view of the shop. as you can see, much renovation is in the process! everything will be white washed and lovely!

and, finally, a photo of the outside! the usable space measures about 25 x 20, if i had to take a guess, maybe a little more! as you can see, not much work has been done outside.... nothing a few fresh coats of white paint, some landscaping, and a big 'ophelia's apothecary' sign can't fix! now that my blogging for the day is complete, i'm out to the studio for mixing, blending, and pouring candles! goodnight loves! hugs, the divine miss o


rhonda said...

wow, this looks like such an amazing space! the building is adorable! i definitely see your vision coming to life here and hope it all works out smoothly for you! ~much love, r.

Robins Egg Blue said...

um I am hyper-ventilating for you!!!!

carlita said... the idea, love the space...super cuuuttteee (: need to book a mini vacation once you open...hope all your dream comes true...hugggzzz

Anonymous said...

Wow that looks so lovely!
Good luck, I hope all your dreams will come true!



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